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International Buddhist Storytelling Festival (IBSF 2016)

True Wisdom under the Bodhi Tree





第一届国际佛教故事节定于九月十七日(星期六)与十八日(星期日)举行,并且邀请了本地和国外的故事人来带领成人工作坊,儿童故事营和翱翔佛教故事国 showcase , 这两天的活动精彩绝伦,绝让人引颈期待!



Seeing the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings through the lens of stories: The IBSF, September 2016

In the recent years, picture books have gained an increasing popularity among local families, schools, institutions and communities. Picture books open doors which lead young children to the joy and bliss of reading. There is a whole world of wonders within picture books that awaits the reader, young and old (parents!) alike, to explore and to experience. Reading picture books with your young ones provides precious opportunities for bonding and positive interactive communication between you and your children.


The Buddha himself is an excellent storyteller. We have all had the experience of learning about the teachings of the Buddha through stories, either through reading about them in the suttas or listening to them being retold by the Buddha’s disciples. With the aim to unleash the wisdom embedded in various Buddhist stories and to inculcate these valuable teachings into our daily lives, the YBAM and YBBM is organizing the inaugural International Buddhist Story Telling Festival.


This September 17th and 18th (Saturday and Sunday), we invite you to come and see the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings through the lens of stories. We will have a parade of renowned storytellers from both overseas and locally to showcase to you and your children some of the best Buddhist stories you would have ever heard. You would be delighted to know that there will also be a workshop for parents to help you morph into a great storyteller yourself, and continue the joyful experience of reading with your children once they’ve been “bitten by the book bug” during this festival! .


So don’t miss it – such opportunity doesn’t knock twice!

日期:2016年9月17日及18日 | Date: Sept 17 & 18, 2016

主办 | Organisers:

马来西亚佛教发展基金会、马来西亚佛教青年总会 | YBBM & YBAM

协办单位| Co-organisers:

马来西亚佛光协会、法鼓山马来西亚道场 | Fo Guang Shan Malaysia, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Centre Malaysia
主要活动 | Main Events

Buddhist Storytelling Workshop
17-Sept-2016 (Sat)
8.00am – 5.30pm
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Buddhist Story Showcase
18 Sept 2016

相关活动 | Related Events

Buddhist Story Tour
10 Sept – 16 Sept 2016

{小故事,大道理}种子教师/ 义工培训工作坊
Storyteller and Volunteer Training Workshop
9.00am – 4.00pm
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故事达人阵容 | Storyteller Lineup


Jevva Raghunath


Au Ting Wei | 欧丁慧


Ng Kok Keong | 吴国强


Thant Zin Soe

South Korea

Alicia Dongjoo Bang


Phanida Phunkrathok


Prasong Saihong


Wajuppa Tossa

United Kingdom

Craig Jenkins